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[sticky post]Decant circle standard policies
meaganola wrote in meaganolacircle
** Comments have been disabled on this post due to the amount of spam that has hit it.  If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me! **

Finally in one place so I don't have to redo this with every circle!
  • US only, please.
  • Please stake your claim my leaving a comment on the circle's post (it makes it easier for me to keep track of things).
  • PayPal only (any flavor). I now send PayPal invoices rather than send totals via PM, so I will need your email address (either here or via PM).
  • Standard pricing on decants:  $20 bottles are $4.50 per decant.  $23 bottles are $5 per decant.  $26 bottles are $5.50 per decant.  
  • Add-ons are more than welcome! They're an additional $1 per bottle.
  • Shipping: $4 (first-class, includes DC).  
  • Combinability (forum circles with LJ circles, different LJ circles, etc.) will be noted on each circle.
  • My labels are Lab-style with a picture on one side and the collection name, oil name, notes list, my name, and the month and year of the circle on the other.
  • Unless otherwise noted, circles are not limited to a certain number of bottles per scent! If there is a demand for more, I will happily add more. It just looks cleaner if I start with one bottle each. I'm a little bit OCD that way.  There will be occasions (specifically, when the Lab only makes a certain number of bottles, as was the case with Leather Phoenix and Butterscotch Balls and Blackbeetles) where the availability is carved in stone even before the circle is started, but that will be noted on the circle.
  • I ship in new padded envelopes plenty of bubblewrap. (I do not reuse bubble envelopes simply because I very rarely buy or swap, so I don't have any to reuse, especially given how many I used for circles.)
  • Please let me know if you want a particular empty bottle (first come, first served). Also, if you specifically do *not* want an empty bottle, please let me know that. Otherwise, bottles will be sent randomly as the supply allows, although I usually keep one bottle of each, especially if all slots do not fill.
  • If a bottle's slots are not full, I will not send out the empty. I've run into problems with that.
  • Payment is due within 72 hours of my confirmation of slot reservation. After that, I will open the slot(s) back up for other interested parties.
  • My feedback is available on eBay and under this username.

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