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BPAL Lupercalia (and Lunar New Year and Champagne Lace) 2016 decants
meaganola wrote in meaganolacircle
It's been a while, but I'm getiing back into decanting in a big way with this year's Lupercalia update!  This circle is already happening on as well as (and, heeey, looking for a place to discuss makeup and beauty, especially indie stuff?  Check it out!), so I decided I should go ahead and post on lj in case anyone here was interested.  My standard policies can be found here.  To highlight a few key things:

  • Decants are $5 each.  ETA:  Except Champagne Lace!  That one is $5.50.

  • Shipping in the US is $4 unless you want to upgrade to priority.  In that case, shipping will be $7.  Insurance will be extra and is available upon request.

  • International signups are welcome!  Pricing:  $12 to Canada under 8 ounces.  $14 anywhere else under 8 ounces.  After that, I will have to get a quote.

  • Since many of the labels in this update are *ahem* naughty, I am offering non-NSFW labels upon request!  If you do not specifically ask for them, I will assume you are okay with the pr0n.

  • Please post your desired decants in this thread and PM your PayPal email address to me!  I do PayPal invoicing, and I can't do that without the email.

  • The final order will be placed Sunday, February 7th.  Bottles will be cut at that time, but any open slots will remain up for grabs!

And now, the scents!  Warning:  This is the biggest BPAL update I've ever seen!  Due to the size, I'm removing bottle slot numbers (seriously, lj won't let me post this due to size!) and will keep the master list here:

Fire Monkey (Lunar New Year 2016) Peony, bamboo, orchid, pomelo, plum blossom, tangerine, lychee, pine resin, golden kumquat, pussy willow, King mandarin, cypress, peach fruit, an extra dollop of wild orange and flaming red dragon’s blood.

Champagne Lace (Dark Delicacies exclusive) A glittering celebration: folds of opium-stained, vanilla-smoked lace with white cognac and a splash of chanpagne.  PLEASE NOTE:  In the event that this sells out before I am able to place the order, I will refund this slot, just like any bottle canceled due to lack of signups.


50 – Olive leaf, osmanthus, bois de rose, and lemon verbena.

Bright Red Dildo – Red leather and honey.

Dragon’s Bone(r) – We possess a very sophisticated sense of humor! Dragon’s blood resin, white cream, pear blossom, and white honey.

Elizabeth of Bohemia – Incomparable loveliness: the perfect rose oudh.

Love’s Philosophy – Vanilla, saffron, and cream.

Luperci – This scent is for the Luperci, the Chosen of Faunus, the Brothers of the Wolf: raw, down and dirty patchouli, Gurjam balsam, and essence of Sampson Root sweetened with the heightened sexuality of beeswax, virile juniper, oakmoss, ambrette seed over honey and East African musk.

Olisbos – polished wood, well-loved leather, and olive oil.

Signior Dildo – A scent of pearls and ivory: orris, violet leaf, narcissus, and Madagascar vanilla.

Somewhere or Other – Ephemeral, elusive: a mist-veiled, pale rose.

The Balcony – Voluptuous darkness: Bourbon vetiver, red patchouli, honey, helichrysum, and black rose.

The Imperfect Enjoyment – Filthy: myrrh, guiacwood, scorched clove, black musk, pitch, and 13-year aged patchouli.

The Perfumed Garden – Myrrh and Moroccan jasmine with apple peel, Indian sandalwood, myrtle, quince, citron, and thyme poured over soft musk.

The Ragged Wood – Lily of the Valley, star jasmine, benzoin, vanilla, plumeria, bergamot, Terebinth pine, juniper berry, and tea rose.

To His Mistress Going to Bed – Skin like silk: bourbon vanilla, caramelized patchouli, Siamese red benzoin, and fig.

Womb Furie – An itch that needs to be scratched: Snake Oil and three types of honey.

++ Lupercalia 2016 – Bonbons

Belgian Chocolate, Orange blossom, Marshmallow, and Jasmine

Dark Chocolate Black Tobacco and Vetiver

Dark Chocolate Madagascar Vanilla Vetier Benzoin and Champaca

Milk Chocolate, Myrrh, and Gunpowder

Raw Cacao, Chestnut, Honey, and Patchouli

++ Lupercalia 2016 - Fleurette’s Purple Snails

A tale illustrated by Franz Von Bayros. Perfumes by E. Barrial.

Adante con Fantasia – A honeyed lilac fougere with a drop of lime.

Chinoiserie – Black poppy, rose-infused myrrh, and patchouli leaves steeped in indigo wine.

Fleurette’s Purple Snails – White sandalwood, orris root, wood violet, sugared violet blossom, and violet leaf.

Full Moon – White tea, neroli, and slivered ginger.

Invitation – White juniper, Italian cypress, and yew bush brushed by a veil of white rose, oudh, armoise, lavender, and vanilla sandalwood.

Round Dance – Blush amber, wild carnation, French lavender, hay absolute, strawberry candyfloss, and vanilla cream.

The Avenue – Dark chocolate and clove bud with smoked amber, bourbon vanilla tar, and black and pink peppers.

The Book – Brown leather, tonka, vanilla bourbon tar, and a thin whiff of rose.

The Bride – Vanilla chiffon, honey musk, and pale magnolia.

The Contrast – Gleaming white frankincense and vanilla-infused benzoin.

The Dream – French lavender, red patchouli, saffron, dried wildflowers, agarwood, and oudh.

The Head – Tuberose absolute, red carnation, white gardenia, jasmine sambac, Siamese benzoin, and sweet oudh.

The Initiation – Red wine and vanilla pod infused with caramel, peach, tobacco flower, and coconut.

The Large Harem – Damask rose, white carnation, lychee, Himalayan cedar, and white honey.

The Mark – White sandalwood and white leather, bourbon vanilla and bourbon vetiver.

The Mirror – White lilies gilded by sparkling grey amber, Oman frankincense, pink pepper, raw white clove, and white musk.

The Seesaw – Strawberry and patchouli root with pink pepper, white rum absolute, and benzoin.

The Small Harem – Tahitian vanilla and strawberry with tonka bean absolute, Italian bergamot, ylang ylang, and Haitian vetiver.

The Top – Blood red rose, indigo musk, opponax, and tobacco tar.

The Two Old Men – Sweet brown leather, cacao absolute, coffee bean absolute, and teakwood.

++ Lupercalia 2016 - Shungas

A Mirror of Spring Pleasures on Kites – Pink strawberry, gardenia, blackberry wine, vanilla frankincense, and champaca absolute.

A Sublime Beauty – White rose, orris absolute, warm tonka, bergamot, bourbon vanilla, and patchouli.

Beanman and Beanwoman Climb Genital Mountains – Hazelnut smoke and leather with dark musk, white cognac, caramelized vetiver, and a drop of honeyed whiskey.

Blossoming Vulva – Golden amber and bourbon vanilla with sweet oak, blue lotus, and tea blossom.

Bunraku Theater – Beeswax and hay absolute with sweet hops, pumpkin rind, and tobacco.

Cascading Blossoms – White gardenia, frangipani, rose peony, plumeria, and vanilla orchid.

Daruma Doll – Red musk and almond husk with sweet fig, Bulgarian rose absolute, blood orange rind, and green cognac.

Embracing Komachi – Iris blossom, violet leaf, grey amber, soft white leather, a drop of coconut and a sliver of angelica seed.

First Cry of the Warbler on the Plum – Wild plum, blackcurrant, honeyed green tea, wisteria, and a flutter of cherry blossoms.

Geisha in a Green Kimono – Gunpowder tea, yellow bergamot, white thyme, blackcurrant, red mandarin, wormwood, neroli, and green musk.

Grooming Scene in a Brothel – Vanilla saffron, carnation absolute, bois de rose, myrrh, and sandalwood incense.

Hidden Pearls – Iris root, gleaming orris, pearlescent white vanilla, sweet coconut milk, and pear stem.

Impressions of the Floating World – Vanilla silk, patchouli leaf, sweet benzoin, and smoked honey.

Joyful Dalliances in the Underworld – Black leather aflame with a cherry-infused cognac that has been spiced with brown sugar, vetiver, black pepper, and dried apricot.

Maiden with Sake Flask – Pendulous blue wisteria, white peonies, ho wood, magnolia petals, plum juice, and red benzoin.

Maidens in Repose – Black amber, Ceylon cinnamon, Somalian myrrh, and pale incense laced with star anise.

Night Scene – Blue musk, white frankincense, wisteria blossoms, and lemon peel.

On the Porch in the Rain – A white chypre drenched in soft spring rain against a backdrop of gently swaying bamboo reeds.

Phallus Parade – Leather and black tea with champa blossom, incense, ambrette seed, and black truffle accord.

Phoenix and Dragon – Incense-blackened oudh and bourbon vanilla with tobacco absolute and 9-year aged patchouli.

Pillar of Flame – Labdanum incense, wild plum, and pink pepper with smoky vetiver, red clover honey, and saffron.

Rendezvous at the Bath – Minted green tea and cucumber.

The Gift – Golden amber and mahogany with frankincense, ho wood, and frothed white honey.

The High-Ranking Courtesan – White peony and Florentine iris butter gilded by white ambrette, rice powder, grey amber, pale vegetal musk, and white chocolate.

The Instruction Manual – Cherry blossoms falling into folds of red musk, bourbon vanilla, and strawberry cream.

The Teapot – Jasmine tea, mate, and yellow bergamot.

The Trappings of the Tea House – White sandalwood, ti leaf, osmanthus, pink pepper, and white vanilla bark.

Under the Mosquito Netting – Lemon peel and white incense.

Volcano in Springtime – Whipped vanilla cream and white sandalwood with a touch of lotus root.

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Hey I noticed I haven't seen the order placed on yet, Would I be able to order some add-bottles?

Sure! I'm (struggling with) finalizing the order right now, so I can add on bottles if you can pay immediately. Except Champagne Lace. I already ordered that one and don't want to shell out another $7 in shipping.

A bit late to the game, but...

Are any of the following decants still available? Please let me know. If any are only empties, I would still be interested! I'm trying to get some decants here and some from another circle, since things are closing out. Paypal e-mail is Thank you!

Champagne Lace
To His Mistress Going to Bed
Round Dance
The Bride
The Initiation
Blossoming Vulva
Daruma Doll
Grooming Scene in a Brothel
Hidden Pearls
Impressions of the Floating World
Phoenix and Dragon
The Instruction Manual
Volcano in Springtime

Edited at 2016-02-10 05:12 am (UTC)

Re: A bit late to the game, but...

Ack! I already cut things since no one was interested on lj. I can fit you in for:
To His Mistress
Round Dance
The Bride
The Initiation
Blossoming Vulva
Grooming Scene in a Brothel
Hidden Pearls
The Instructional Manual
Volcano in Springtime

I might be able to do empties and/or testers of:
Daruma Doll
Impressions of the Floating World
Phoenix & Dragon

Champagne Lace is right on the bubble. I might be able to do a full decant, and it might just be a tester. I can go ahead and invoice you for the definites plus CL and then refund CL if it doesn't work out if that's okay with you. Just let me know if you're still interested in these even though I can't get you in for all of them. Thanks!

Re: A bit late to the game, but...

OK! It looks like I'm going to go for:

Impressions of the Floating World tester/empty
Phoenix and Dragon tester/empty
The Instruction Manual decant
Champagne Lace tester/decant

And if I need to buy a decant of Blossoming Vulva to get the empty, I will take one of those as well.

Billing me for my requests and then refunding later is fine by me.

Thank you so much!

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