[sticky post]Decant circle standard policies
** Comments have been disabled on this post due to the amount of spam that has hit it.  If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me! **

Finally in one place so I don't have to redo this with every circle!
  • US only, please.
  • Please stake your claim my leaving a comment on the circle's post (it makes it easier for me to keep track of things).
  • PayPal only (any flavor). I now send PayPal invoices rather than send totals via PM, so I will need your email address (either here or via PM).
  • Standard pricing on decants:  $20 bottles are $4.50 per decant.  $23 bottles are $5 per decant.  $26 bottles are $5.50 per decant.  
  • Add-ons are more than welcome! They're an additional $1 per bottle.
  • Shipping: $4 (first-class, includes DC).  
  • Combinability (forum circles with LJ circles, different LJ circles, etc.) will be noted on each circle.
  • My labels are Lab-style with a picture on one side and the collection name, oil name, notes list, my name, and the month and year of the circle on the other.
  • Unless otherwise noted, circles are not limited to a certain number of bottles per scent! If there is a demand for more, I will happily add more. It just looks cleaner if I start with one bottle each. I'm a little bit OCD that way.  There will be occasions (specifically, when the Lab only makes a certain number of bottles, as was the case with Leather Phoenix and Butterscotch Balls and Blackbeetles) where the availability is carved in stone even before the circle is started, but that will be noted on the circle.
  • I ship in new padded envelopes plenty of bubblewrap. (I do not reuse bubble envelopes simply because I very rarely buy or swap, so I don't have any to reuse, especially given how many I used for circles.)
  • Please let me know if you want a particular empty bottle (first come, first served). Also, if you specifically do *not* want an empty bottle, please let me know that. Otherwise, bottles will be sent randomly as the supply allows, although I usually keep one bottle of each, especially if all slots do not fill.
  • If a bottle's slots are not full, I will not send out the empty. I've run into problems with that.
  • Payment is due within 72 hours of my confirmation of slot reservation. After that, I will open the slot(s) back up for other interested parties.
  • My feedback is available on eBay and bpal.org under this username.

BPAL Lupercalia (and Lunar New Year and Champagne Lace) 2016 decants
It's been a while, but I'm getiing back into decanting in a big way with this year's Lupercalia update!  This circle is already happening on bpal.org as well as allthesparkles.com (and, heeey, looking for a place to discuss makeup and beauty, especially indie stuff?  Check it out!), so I decided I should go ahead and post on lj in case anyone here was interested.  My standard policies can be found here.  To highlight a few key things:

  • Decants are $5 each.  ETA:  Except Champagne Lace!  That one is $5.50.

  • Shipping in the US is $4 unless you want to upgrade to priority.  In that case, shipping will be $7.  Insurance will be extra and is available upon request.

  • International signups are welcome!  Pricing:  $12 to Canada under 8 ounces.  $14 anywhere else under 8 ounces.  After that, I will have to get a quote.

  • Since many of the labels in this update are *ahem* naughty, I am offering non-NSFW labels upon request!  If you do not specifically ask for them, I will assume you are okay with the pr0n.

  • Please post your desired decants in this thread and PM your PayPal email address to me!  I do PayPal invoicing, and I can't do that without the email.

  • The final order will be placed Sunday, February 7th.  Bottles will be cut at that time, but any open slots will remain up for grabs!

And now, the scents!  Warning:  This is the biggest BPAL update I've ever seen!  Due to the size, I'm removing bottle slot numbers (seriously, lj won't let me post this due to size!) and will keep the master list here:

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It's been a long, long time... (time for a sales post!)
I stopped decanting last year, but I've got a lot of leftovers.  That's actually why I stopped decanting:  Many, many dollars tied up in leftover oil, and I can't justify fronting any more money until this gets cleared out.

I am now up to *two* sales boxes! I really do not want to expand to a third. US only, please. Shipping (including DC) for up to three bottles of perfume is $4 (more than three bottles will mean a heavier package and more postage, but that's what my handy-dandy postage scale is for, right?). Paypal only, but any flavor is fine. I'm really just looking for sales at this point due to *way* too much perfume in my collection. I need to cull the herd so I can concentrate on the stuff I know I love! Everything was decanted with new, clean pipettes from new-at-the-time bottles, and most are leftovers from various circles I ran, so they have not been applied directly from the bottle.

** PLEASE NOTE: I cannot respond to sales inquiries during the day, but the first thing I do when I get home from work is catch up on sales/swaps/decant circle stuff. **

Details after the jump because long list o' goodies!
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Urgh, no Whirling Wind Moon circle.
Unfortunately, I will not be decanting the Whirling Wind Moon update because WWM is so chock full of migraine triggers that I won't be able to even have the bottle open long enough to decant it.  :(

Then as it was, then again it will be. Anniversary 2012 decant circle
It's here!  It's here!  Standard policies here.  US only, please.  Decants this time around will be $5.  As always, shipping is $4, and I will need your email address for invoicing either here or via PM.  I'm listing one bottle of each, but that's just a starting point to keep everything looking tidy.  I will continue to add bottles as they fill until the order is place.  This order will be placed Tuesday, November 20th.  And on with the show!

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Yule decanting hiatus over here.
Unfortunately, I have been hit with a Martian death flu.  I'm on the tail end of it (I can sit upright and keep my eyes open for more than ten minutes at a time!  And I can actually *speak*!), but I'm still phenomenally muzzy-headed, and there's no way I will be able to deal with the organization required to set a Yule decant circle up.  I should be back in business for the Anniversary, though!

Leftovers sale! Updates through Halloweenies 2012 added!
One sales box is now two sales boxes, and I really don't want to expand to a third! US only, please. Shipping (including DC) for up to three bottles of perfume is $4 (more than three bottles will mean a heavier package and more postage, but that's what my handy-dandy postage scale is for, right?).  Paypal only, but any flavor is fine. I'm really just looking for sales at this point due to *way* too much perfume in my collection.  I need to cull the herd so I can concentrate on the stuff I know I love!  Everything was decanted with new, clean pipettes from new-at-the-time bottles, and most are leftovers from various circles I ran, so they have not been applied directly from the bottle.  

** PLEASE NOTE:  I do not have internet access during the day, but the first thing I do when I get home from work is catch up on sales/swaps/decant circle stuff.  Also, I am currently out of imps/decants to frimp, but i have tea and Kasugai gummies!**

Bottles after the cut!

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Snow Moon 2012 and SN decants
ETA6, 05 Nov:  Urgh.  So the Autumn Lace-only packages went out last night -- and this morning, I found the packets of the extras that were supposed to be in there.  I was so busy trying to get this stuff turned around quickly that I just forgot about the extras!  I'm really, *really* sorry and will continue to kick myself over that for probably the next year.  As for the Lunacy/SN stuff, it's here and decanted/labeled, so I will be packing these up tonight and getting them in the mail tomorrow.
ETA5, 03 Nov:  The bad news:  No DD CnS.  The good news:  I find the aforementioned bad news irrelevant when the box is IN MY MAILBOX.  Three bottles ordered (two for specific people, one for decanting), three bottles in the box, and, kids, this stuff is *good*.  I'm talking instant legend good.  I will be decanting shortly and getting these packed up to go out to go to the Autumn-Lace-only people tomorrow (when I head out to see _The Walking Dead_ since there's a theatre in town that shows the East Coast feed, and this week, I can actually watch it *twice* because I'm on vacation, and the theatre across the street from me shows it at 10pm!) because I will have missed today's mail cutoff by the time I get everything packed up.
ETA4, 01 Nov: Dark Delicacies ran my credit card yesterday afternoon, so Autumn Lace is on its way, but I do not have a CnS from them, which is pretty standard.  I typically receive my orders from them two days after they run the card, so this may very well show up tomorrow.  I *do* have a CnS from the Lab (received yesterday but not in the USPS system yet), but past orders from DD have come from DD, not the Lab, so I'm thinking the CnS is actually for the Lunacy and SNs!  
ETA3, 30 Oct: Autumn Lace has been ordered.  Slots still open for everything but French Tonka!
ETA2, 29 Oct: Wow, PayPal DOES NOT LIKE a certain word synonymous with "Persian."  I've changed the description just in case there are any additional weird potential issues lurking about that this post might trigger.  But!  The Lab's portion of this order has been placed.  I will be ordering the Dark Delicacies portion shortly, but those orders tend to arrive screamingly quickly, so I am not worried about orders being placed a day or two apart.  I *am* worried about my credit card being blocked because I ordered IG, but that's a whole separate issue.  
ETA1, 26 Oct: Autumn Lace (from Dark Delicacies) is now part of this circle!  

I'm unfortunately too tired to think up a neat title!  So.  Yeah.  My standard policies are right over here, but to highlight the main points:  US only, PayPal (any type) only.  I invoice via PayPal, so I will need an email address for that.  $5 per decant, $4 shipping.  The order will be placed Sunday, October 28th.  And away we go!

SNOW MOON 2012 -- A scent of purity and silence, soft with falling snow, as dark as Midwinter: an icy flurry over the winter blooms of narcissus, hellebore, pansy crocus, dahlia, tulip, chrysanthemum, daphne and white rose, with a hint of fir and birch.
  1. asheleyweeks

I... GALBANUM -- I... Galbanum possesses a complex tart, green, resinous scent that is strangely amorphous and mercurial. There is a balsamic woody tone to it at times, and at others, it appears metallic and aldehydic. Galbanum corresponds to the Fool and the element Air, and embodies the qualities of innocence and surrender. The scent is calming and meditative; the oil can be utilized for self-reflection, initiating new beginnings, and soothing wounded souls.
  1. asheleyweeks
  2. moryssa

FULL -- RUM-SOAKED FRENCH TONKA -- I love the hell out of tonka, but using the absolute in perfumery is not a particularly great idea: tonka beans possess a high concentration of coumarin, an anticoagulant that is toxic to both the liver and kidneys, and might be carcinogenic to boot. Not fun stuff! Our tonka accord is a sweet, warmly sensual fragrance redolent of a vaguely clove-touched deep, dark vanilla balsam that has been lightly sweetened with almond and rum.
  1. lostillusions
  2. moryssa
  3. moryssa
  4. moryssa
  5. moryssa
AUTUMN LACE -- An October funeral, 1888. Black linen and delicate, sugar-spun lace suffused with the scent of tobacco, black tea, Indian musk, liturgical incense, and cognac, with a drop of laudanum and crushed Autumn leaves.
  1. asheleyweeks
  2. keller
  3. keller
lostillusions, Autumn Lace


Little dead are out in droves (Weenie decant circle!)
ETA4, 26 Oct:  Forgot to mention:  This circle is officially closed.  I've got lots of leftovers, and I will be posting that list in this comm this weekend (*so tired* right now that I'm headed to bed as soon as I post this), but if you're on bpal.org, I've already got the sale list up over there.
ETA3, 08 Oct:  Urgh, I ran out of weekend to get these wrapped up!  I still have about half a dozen packages to get packed up, but PayPal is taking at least ten minutes per package to decide to cooperate, so I'll be finishing those up tomorrow night because I need to get to bed soon.  5am comes *very* early when you're coming off a three-day weekend.
ETA2, 04 Oct:  They're here!  It looks like the Lab decided to combine two orders and ship them together.  Next steps:  Shower, dinner, verifying that everything is here, and watching _The Walking Dead_ (side note:  Netflix now has the second season on Instant Streaming) while DECANTING UNTIL MY HANDS FALL OFF!    If you happen to be interested in seeing what all of the various stages of the decanting process (for example, fifty-eight bottles of oil while they're still in bubblewrap) looks like, I'm posting pictures on Instagram under the username buriedinboxes and the hashtag #weeniegeddon.
ETA1, 24 Sept -- Still waiting for CnS.  Sadly, there is a backorder in effect on Wretched Rose Window.  But!  I split the order into two halves and ordered the second within a few minutes of the first, so this might not make a difference because I may very well be finishing decanting the first shipment when the second one ships.  

AKA the first "Well, I didn't *really* need food this month" update of the year.  Everything is $5 per decant, US only, $4 for shipping just decants.  This is combinable with my forum circles once they're up, although everything there is available here, and the single-notes and Lunacies are here as well.  This order will be placed Monday, September 3rd.  Please see this post for the rest of my policies.  And now, the oils!

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No ParaNorman circle.
Just in case anyone was wondering.  I'm still waiting for the Harvest Moon order, and the Weenies are right around the corner, so I'm skipping this one to rest up for Walletgeddon.  


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