Harvest Moon 2012 decant circle
ETA4, 28 Aug:  Everything is packed up and headed out the door to the mailbox on my way to work tomorrow.  If you haven't received a tracking notice via email from PayPal, just let me know, and I'll get it to you.  Thanks!
ETA3, 27 Aug:  They're here!  I will start decanting in about half an hour (shower and food must come first).  Decanting and labeling are complete!  Tomorrow, I will be packing up for shipping.
ETA2, 13 Aug:  Luna Azul is here!  Unfortunately, that is all I have so far since this one came from the Post, and everything else is coming from the Lab.  Since no one got only Luna Azul, I will hold off on sending them out until everything else has arrived, although I'm going to go ahead and decant them now so I will have one less bottle to decant at the end.
ETA1, 02 Aug:  This order has been placed.  No additional bottles will be added, but I will be more than happy to take more signups for existing slots between now and whenever the orders arrive!

Just a quick placeholder post:  I will be decanting everything from the Harvest Moon 2012 update including Ted's Blue Moon, and I have already placed an order for three bottles of Butterscotch Balls and Blackbeetles due to the limited nature of that particular scent.  Once the circle gets set up, that bottle/slot count will be locked down, but everything else will be more-bottles-added-as-needed.  I just have to take a shower and get some dinner before I can deal with setting up a circle.  

All right!  A showered and fed Meagan is a functional Meagan!  Standard policies are now located here.  Specifics for this circle:
  • Lunacies and single-notes are $5 per decant.  Pandora and Coraline oils are $5.50 per decant.
  • This is not combinable with any other circle.
  • Since there are a very limited number of bottles available, the order for Butterscotch Balls and Blackbeetles has been placed, so there will not be any additional bottles ordered for this oil.
  • This order will be placed Thursday, August 2nd.

And now, the oils!

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Brian's 13 (July 2012) decant circle!

ETA 02 Aug:  It's here!  I'll be decanting this evening.  I might even be able to get these sent out tomorrow, although packing everything up can be time-consuming, so it might not be all wrapped up until tomorrow night.  Decanting and packing complete!  These will be going out in the mail first thing in the morning on my way to work.
ETA 16 Jul:  13 is full, and one of the bottles of Red Carnation has been claimed, so there are five slots in each of the single notes still available, but no more 13.
ETA 15 Jul:  The order has been placed!  I have ordered 2 bottles of 13 and Red Carnation and another bottle of Apple Blossom for decanting, so I am leaving those slots open and claimable.  I need to nail down details with people who were interested in partial bottles but left definitive fill levels vague, but I may have over-ordered because these are *glorious* and destined for hoarding.  :)

I will also open the single-notes back up in case anyone wanted to combine those with the newest 13.  This is *not* combinable with orders already placed for Singing Moon, but I will be placing a new order with new bottles of the single-note if there is a demand. The usual policies after the cut:

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I will also open the single-notes back up in case anyone wanted to combine those with the newest 13. The usual policies after the cut...

Singing Moon 2012 update decant circle time!

A nice, tiny update this time around.  

ETA 16 Jul -- Well, crap.  Everything is decanted and labeled, but I just discovered that I am a little short on bubble envelopes.  I'll be picking some up on the way home from work tomorrow night and getting the rest of these out Wednesday.
ETA 15 Jul -- It's here!  I have to find my nail clippers and chop my nails off before I can go any further, though.  These talons are getting in the way of capping vials!
ETA 11 Jul -- Oh oh oh!  CnS received!  It hasn't hit the USPS system yet, though, so I don't know when they're actually going to arrive, and I'm going out of town on Saturday, so they might not get turned around until next week.
ETA 07 Jul -- Order placed!  It was actually placed on the 4th. 

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Leftovers sales! Fraggle Rock added!
I'm updating this list this evening with the Weenie leftovers, so a new sales list is on the way!

The circle is done, so now it's time for the leftovers list!  

** UPDATED AS OF 25 AUGUST 2012 ***

** NEW POLICY AS OF 04 MAR 2012 (expanded 29 Apr 2012) ** Pick your frimps! Select one decant (from any section) for every half-bottle purchased!

Urgh, I'm running out of room in my *sales* box! US only, please. Shipping (including DC) for up to three bottles of perfume is $4 (more than three bottles will mean a heavier package and more postage, but that's what my handy-dandy postage scale is for, right?). Paypal only, but any flavor is fine. I'm really just looking for sales at this point due to *way* too much perfume in my collection. I need to cull the herd so I can concentrate on the stuff I know I love! Everything was decanted with new, clean pipettes from new-at-the-time bottles, and most are leftovers from various circles I ran, so they have not been applied directly from the bottle.

** PLEASE NOTE: I do not have internet access during the day, but the first thing I do when I get home from work is catch up on sales/swaps/decant circle stuff. **

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Smoky Moon 2012 and Fraggle Rock decant circle!

ETA:  It's here!  I'm working on decanting right this very minute, so this circle is closed for signups.  Leftovers (and there will be a lot of them) will go up for sale after everything gets shipped out.

It's update night, so that means it's decant circle time! 

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Updated sales list!
I've got a *lot* of stuff.  Prices as marked.  Shipping is $4 for up to the first three bottles or any amount of decants and $.50 for every additional bottle after that (glass is heavy!).  Aside from the GCs and Chaos Theories, these are all leftovers from decanting circles.  Everything (including the GCs and CTs) were cleanly decanted and/or tested.  Prices are as noted.  I will consider swaps only for the wishlist at the bottom of this post.

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Strawberry Moon 2012 update decant circle
ETA2, 18 May:  I just realized I forgot to post updates here!  I've got almost everything here and decanted (there were a couple of Incidents involving spillage and leakage, so I'm waiting on one last bottle of Ruddy Daggerwing), and everything (except the packages with the Ruddy Daggerwing that is in transit) will be packed up and sent out tomorrow.
ETA1, 07 May:  Due to the bottle limit announced this afternoon, the Absinthe & Lace bottle count is locked, and that portion of the order has been placed.

Wow, I was somehow totally not expecting this tonight!  So.  Ready to roll!  The standard rules:
  • US only, please.
  • I am including the Dark Delicacies Absinthe & Lace oil in this circle under the same shipping cost.
  • Please stake your claim my leaving a comment on this post (it makes it easier for me to keep track of things).
  • PayPal only (any flavor). I discovered how much easier it is to administer these circles if I invoice instead of send lists and totals via PM, so I will need your email address for that if you haven't participated in one of my recent circles, either here or via PM.
  • These are all $4.50 per decant. I do not do half-decants. I am not doing half-bottles this time around, although if there are two or three slots remaining in a bottle, you're more than welcome to sign up for those remaining decants have have them shipped in the bottle (but please specify that you want the decants in the bottle!  Otherwise, I'll just send the decants themselves).  I'm just wary of having more signups for half-bottles than the number of bottles ordered.
  • Add-ons are more than welcome! They're an additional $1 per bottle.
  • Shipping: $4 (first-class, includes DC). If you would like to add something from my sales page to ship with this order under the same shipping cost, I would be more than happy to do that!
  • I will be placing this order on Monday, May 7th.
  • My labels are Lab-style with a picture on one side and the collection name, oil name, notes list, my name, and the month and year of the circle on the other.
  • This circle is not limited to two bottles per scent! If there is a demand for more, I will happily add more. This list just looks cleaner if I start with two bottles each. I'm a little bit OCD that way.
  • I ship in new padded envelopes plenty of bubblewrap. (I do not reuse bubble envelopes simply because I very rarely buy or swap, so I don't have any to reuse, especially given how many I used for circles.)
  • Please let me know if you want a particular empty bottle (first come, first served). Also, if you specifically do *not* want an empty bottle, please let me know that. Otherwise, bottles will be sent randomly as the supply allows, although I usually keep one bottle of each, especially if all slots do not fill.
  • If a bottle's slots are not full, I will not send out the empty. I've run into problems with that.
  • Payment is due within 72 hours of my confirmation of slot reservation. After that, I will open the slot(s) back up for other interested parties.
  • My feedback is available on eBay and bpal.org under this username.

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Lucky 13!
ETA1, 14 April:  I've ordered two bottles of this, so there are still five slots left, but I will not be adding any additional bottles since it is going away tomorrow.

Oh, happy day, it did not go up in the wee hours of the morning, so I can post this now!  Note:  Effective immediately, I will just start invoicing all decant orders via PayPal, so I will need PayPal email addresses unless you've already been in one of my circles (in which case, I will just invoice whatever email address you used at that time, so if you've changed email addresses, please let me know that so I'm not invoicing the wrong address).  It's *so* much easier to deal with than giving decant lists and amounts due in PMs that I'm kicking myself for not switching over before now (email addresses via PM are groovy, but listing out all of those decants and double-checking the math?  *So* much easier when the invoicing program does it for me)!  Details:
  • Decants of 13 are $4.50 each.  Add-on bottles will be an additional $1.
  • Shipping is $4, but if you're also in the Dragon Moon/Tanuki/etc. circle, I will just combine them under one shipping charge.
  • This order will be placed Saturday, April 14th, along with any additional Tanuki/Labyrinth/Hero Initiative bottles needed beyond what was ordered Sunday.
  • I will not have internet access from about 6am Pacific time tomorrow morning until late tomorrow evening (work and then helping a coworker get through a bad time), so don't worry if you don't hear back from me before then!  I will be catching up on whatever happens tomorrow during the day when I get home.
  • Please see the Dragon Moon etc. circle for the rest of my policies.  This circle is basically piggybacking onto that one, and it's just one oil, so it seems silly to put them all in here.
13 (April 2012) -- thirteen flowers of good luck swirled in white chocolate and a touch of honey: white carnation, stephanotis, blood-flower, yellow rose, eggplant flower, tiare, chamomile blossom, champaca flower, pink heather, wild orchid, pink peony, sweet basil flower, and Bells of Ireland.
Bottle 1
  1. waterdaughter
  2. alder_2011
  3. teitei
  4. sangria2
  5. sangria2
Bottle 2
Additional bottles:



Planning ahead for 13...
I've thought it over, and I *will* be decanting this month's 13.  If you would like to sign up and combine it with the Dragon Moon/Tanuki/Labyrinth/etc., I will be more than happy to do so.  If you would like to pre-claim your spot before it goes live, please feel free to comment here, and I will deal with invoicing once the oil goes live and we see how much it costs.  Thanks!

Dragons, Balls, Heroes, and DBA decant circle!

Yeah, I went there. I'm too tired to be more creative at the moment.

ETA5, 27 Apr:  Urgh, good news/bad news.  The good news is that everything is decanted and labeled!  Yay!  The bad news is that there's something wrong with my car, so I get to spend a good chunk of tomorrow trying to find some place to get it fixed instead of packing and shipping.  Boo!  But after xAavier gets his wheel bearings repacked or whatever needs to be done (or at the very least, after they tell me what needs to be done and when I can get it done), I will be finishing everything up.
ETA4, 21 Apr:  CnS for one order received!  The current predicted delivery date is Monday.
ETA3, 15 Apr:  Final order placed last night!  There are still a few remaining slots (and I accidentally ordered an extra bottle of Jareth, so, yup, there really *are* that many slots still available for that one), so I will continue to take signups for those until decanting begins.  In some cases, there are fewer than five slot listed for a bottle, and this is because I combined this circle with my forum circles for ordering purposes, and the remaining slots have been claimed over there.
ETA2, 09 Apr:  Order placed last night!  I decided that I *will* decant this month's 13 (and shipping for the two circles can be combined), so if there are any more signups on this circle beyond what I've already ordered, I will just add them to that order, although Dragon Moon is limited to the two bottles already ordered (and almost full!) due to the fact that it won't be available to order when 13 is live.
ETA1:  I forgot to mention additional sales.  If you would like to add something from my sales page to this and have it all shipped together, I would be more than happy to do so!  Just let me know, and we can go from there.

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